What the (expletive)?

The title of this post says it all. So, let’s jump right in.

Why are all the Toddlers and Tiaras moms incredibly unkempt? You’d think they’d be a little bit more obsessed with — or at least concerned with — their own looks. Most of them look as though they just rolled ousirit of  bed and perhaps haven’t showered in a day or two.

Siri. She has always annoyed me, and I know it might sound crazy, but I don’t think she likes me. I can hear it in her tone. And lately — she’s been getting me lost. I asked her to find me a PetSmart and she brought me to the middle of a residential development. I asked her to find me a Marshalls and she told me that I arrived at my destination while I was still in the middle of the highway. I think she’s doing it on purpose and I hate her.

Things — in general — are slower here in IL than in NY. Speed limits, restaurant service and even just how people talk. Slower. Continue reading


Who’s keeping track?

I’ve personally been asked if my nationality is Italian, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Armenian and even Asian a few times. I’m none of those, as far as I know. It’s Austrian, Irish and Polish. I have olive skin. I don’t know if — based on what I know about my heritage — I’m “supposed” to have olive skin, but I don’t care. I’m American.

When I read this post on HelloGiggles.com, about there not being enough “DARK-skinned women on television or in music”, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I like a good debate, especially when it involves women-related issues. However, I just don’t see the “issue” in this particular case.

The author says:

 “Yes, we have black powerhouses that we all know and adore: Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and the list goes on and on. However, very rarely do we see a DARK-skinned woman on television or in music, and that’s just unreal. Why are these women underrepresented? Where are they?”

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The Bachelor just keeps getting worse and more amazing

I used to like the idea of the Real Housewives of _____ shows, and I also dabbled in Keeping up with the Ktierraardashians — but my goodness, those housewives never shut.the.flip.up and the Kardashians’ sleepy voices are enough to make me…go to sleep.

After being completely teased, and made to laugh so hard at The Bachelor preview — where the bachelor, Sean, is like, “I liiiike her” as he meets an overly drippy-to-the-point-of-questionably-psychotic-stalker (but only women can tell this about other women) gal in a black dress. And, then it suddenly cuts to the same girl crying hysterically while stomping her feet and shaking her head, saying “I can’t dooooo this…”


Again, only women can tell these things about other women right off the bat.

I love the first episode of The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, where the famewhores wannabe actors hopefuls looking for love exit the black limousine to meet their potential future spouse. First impressions are very important — so the hopefuls and their gimmicks to get the Bachelor to remember them are so fun to watch. Continue reading