Whiny, little (adult) why’s

I think the title of this post says it all, really. But, I’ll tell you what it’s about, just in case.

“Ugh. Whyyyyy” is something I hear and say on a somewhat regular basis. Sometimes, when I say it, I’m looking for an actual answer, and other times I’m just complaining. Other times = most of the time.

dateFor instance…

Whyyyy are a lot of male-sung country songs go something like, “Hey baby, let’s go watch the trains go by” and/or “wanna take you off-roading and stare at the stars” ?? Ummm. Take a girl out to dinner! Or, is that type of wooing strictly reserved for the woman who is later the focus of the cheating-on-your-wife songs? I got y’all figured out, now.

Whyyyy aren’t all store-bought cookies bite-sized? Think about it. There’s really no good reason, right?!

Whyyy do some people use their GPS to get them everywhere…even if they’ve been to that place before? It’s like they obviously didn’t pay attention on how to actually get there, minus the GPS. I mean, once you tell your GPS where you want to go, it’s not like it puts you in auto-pilot and you just sit back and enjoy the ride! I actually know someone who blamed her GPS for getting her lost…while on the way to a place she’d been to just a few days prior.

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Ugly shorts, Starbucks and markers


No. And they’re $188!

Before I get to packing, organizing and errand running today — for our big move to the Chicago area — I’m enjoying an iced coffee and putting this post together. It’s pretty random, just to warn you. But, it’s a good rainy day for random fun.

See this article on MSN about what shorts you should wear for your body type, according to Lucky Magazine? I’m not a huge fan of shorts (or Lucky Magazine), but I’ve seen some super cute shorts…and I have to say 90% of these shorts are absolutely hideous (pleats!) And, really:

“If You Are Long and Tall… Stockpile on Bermuda cuts. The lean shape exaggerates leggy girls’ statuesque proportions. A gold sticker if you wear them with heels—strangers will spend all day asking if you’re a model.”

I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I had lean legsferdays, I certainly wouldn’t cover them up with shorts the same length as a 75-year-old’s. Continue reading