suitcaseHere are some thoughts I recently had/have, and want to get rid of. Enjoy.

I found myself looking at a $20 bill in my hand the other day, thinking about how it now gives me anxiety, because back in “the day”, holding $20 felt like freedom. You could spend a whole day with your friends on twenty bucks. But, now…you order a couple of cocktails and boom — you’re reaching back into your wallet to get the bartender’s tip. It just seems like you have to really make money stretch as far as it can go, so that you literally get your money’s worth.

I wish people on Facebook would end their posts on a positive note, so that when people “like” it, it doesn’t look strange. Example: “RIP Uncle Bobbo” LIKE (that he died) would become “RIP Uncle Bobbo, I am blessed to have been able to call such a wonderful man my family.” LIKE (that he was so nice).

Speaking of Facebook and/or social media…

I love that people often use emojis now, instead of words, to describe their thoughts. Example: using a thumbs-up or a peace sign or an emoticon to convey their feelings on whatever they’re posting about. It gets to the point faster, and oddly enough – seems to¬†paint a better¬†picture of their personality than if they babbled on about it. Continue reading


I will NOT miss…

no_thumbs_down_sticker-rd029915fddbd4d6f923e1ba231ff8d14_v9waf_8byvr_512Route 4. AT ALL. I remember when Route 4 was suburban and actually a very nice drive. Not anymore. It’s pure stress and annoyance.

Local radio stations. I’m sorry, but there’s only like, 5 listenable (to me) radio stations in this area and all 5 are almost always playing commercials at the exact same time. And, when they’re not, 3 of them are playing the same song. You would think they could do something to work together and figure that timing thing out. And…why does every radio station have to have a morning show? Sure, there are mornings I don’t feel like listening to music, but can’t we pick one station for a morning show? In other words, does the Elvis Duran show really need to exist? No. And, where I’ll be in IL, they don’t.

Pearl Street. What happened?! Continue reading