I still try to turn the page

I used to say there was no way I would use an e-reader. I love the feel of a book too much — the smell, the feel of the pages between my fingers — those are things that an e-reader can’t provide.

Then, as I was halfway through a book that just wasn’t doing “it” for me — I longed for a different, new bobooksok in front of me. Something captivating, something juicy. But, it was past 9 p.m., and I didn’t feel like venturing out to peruse a discount retail store, since book stores would likely be closed before I got to them.

An e-reader would be perfect in times like this.

The thought popped into my head as though it were some sort of e-reading fairy whispering into my ear. I suddenly envied those e-reader owners, those people I labeled as fake book lovers and empty robotic readers. No, they’re smart, I thought. And I felt stupid.

I decided I would ask Santa for the gift of electronic reading. And, I felt extremely excited. And a bit like a hypocrite, since I used to blast the idea of owning one, but hey — things change. I took to Twitter to find out which e-reader I should specifically ask “Santa” to “bring” me.

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