Better and worse

good kidSo far, there are things I miss about “back home” — not people, I miss everyone — but, things that give me little pangs of homesickness. But, then I find something that’s “better” than back home and I think, OK. We can do this.

People discipline their kids here. And, the kids listen. For example, at our pool, if a child is screaming too loudly, or splashing — their parents go “ssshh” or “OK, I warned you. Timeout time.” And, the kids actually respect that without question. It’s amazing to actually be able to enjoy the pool without earbuds up all the way. I literally almost fell out of my chair the first time I witnessed it. I leaned over to see what the kid’s reaction was going to be and when there was none — I lost my balance a bit. Back in NY, I’ve had many community pools where this simply did not happen. Kids ruled the pool and all adults there had to deal with their bad behavior. So, better.

A really good news site. I love the Chicago Tribune. It’s kind of like the TU. It has a great layout — it’s easy to navigate and all the info you want to know is right up front. But, I don’t live right in Chicago. So, for the suburbs, I have TribLocal or the Daily Herald. I got so excited when I saw the DH had blogs. Then, I clicked on it and found out they’re all about sports. ALL OF THEM. I even tweeted the DH to ask why they don’t have lifestyle blogs. I got crickets back. So, worse. Continue reading


(Un)comfort eating

I would always laugh at the term “fat and happy” and scoff at “well, when people are content and settled, they gain weight…” – usually because it was always delivered with a smirk and “you’ll seeeeee” type attidessertstude.

No. I do not see. Ignorance is bliss, I’d think. And, I also like staying in the type of ‘in shape’ I’m comfortable with.

While I have zero desire to ever be a ‘gym person’, I find other ways to exercise. Daily walks with the pup, and Pilates is – or I should now say was – a big source of exercise for me. At one point, I would have considered myself to be a Pilataholic. And, when it came to eating – I was never a stress eater. In fact, I was always just the opposite. Nervous, upset, disappointed, angry or stressed? I could not eat. I literally was not hungry — and eating was the most undesirable activity my body could partake in.


Point is, with the huge stress of leaving a job and people I love to move from NY to IL, I lost the desire — and time — to exercise. And, gained the desire to eat comfort food over anything else. This is especially aided by being on the road and/or without pots and pans to cook with. Restaurants and takeout is just easier. I’d try to make healthy choices. Oh, a salad for dinner? Sounds awesome and healthy, sure. Let’s add fried chicken, guacamole, cheese, ranch dressing and a side of onion rings, though. Because I’m stressed.

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