Let’s go back to Kindergarten

helloAs we strolled with Moxie down the sidewalk in our neighborhood, we saw a woman pushing a baby carriage toward us. I led Moxie to the grass alongside the sidewalk so the woman could have the whole sidewalk to be able to pass. When we got close enough, I smiled at her.

“Hello”, I said — still smiling.

She did not respond, smile — nothing. She didn’t even really look at me. She just kept going.

Now, of course this isn’t the first time a “hello” was wasted for me. But, it was the first time it happened here. Back in NY, I expected it. Years ago, I once worked in a place where you could walk by someone and say “good morning” and they would snub you so hard (especially if they were ‘higher’ than you), you felt it in your bones.

This woman on the suburban Illinois sidewalk was Indian, so I couldn’t help but wonder if her culture has something to do with it. I basically was hoping there was a “good” reason why she just coldly walked by us without any sort of acknowledgment. But, still — returning a “hello” is a basic human interaction, so I dismissed that thought almost immediately and chalked her up to just being a rude person. Continue reading


Was it wrong to leave/*not* complain?

Hindsight is 20/20. I don’t know what we were even thinking, going to a restaurant named SugarToad. I hate (am terrified of and disgusted by) frogs. But, while the name left me thinking of a warty toad flailing around in my sugar dish, the il_570xN.314058810menu looked pretty good. And, it was about 30 minutes from our home, so we thought we’d embark on a little dining adventure.

The restaurant is located in a hotel — a pretty nice hotel — and I guess due to my experiences with hotel bars/restaurants (dp and Yono’s being two great examples), I thought this was a plus. We were pretty excited to potentially be in a hip, modern place surrounded by people our age.

We made 8:30 reservations. And, we got lost getting there. But, I called and let the hostess know we were running late, and asked if she could provide directions based on where we were. She could not. I asked her to confirm their address for me, and she had to put me on hold to find it. She asked me if I could call back if we weren’t able to find them, to let them know we wouldn’t be coming. “Absolutely”, I told her. I would hate for someone to be waiting for a table when they could have ours.

We finally get there at 8:50 to find a completely empty restaurant, aside from a table of 4 diners in their 60s/70s seated smack in the middle. The hostess greets us, without looking at us, and with a bitchy tone, asks “Did you have reservations, by any chance?”

Really?! Continue reading