Ugly shorts, Starbucks and markers


No. And they’re $188!

Before I get to packing, organizing and errand running today — for our big move to the Chicago area — I’m enjoying an iced coffee and putting this post together. It’s pretty random, just to warn you. But, it’s a good rainy day for random fun.

See this article on MSN about what shorts you should wear for your body type, according to Lucky Magazine? I’m not a huge fan of shorts (or Lucky Magazine), but I’ve seen some super cute shorts…and I have to say 90% of these shorts are absolutely hideous (pleats!) And, really:

“If You Are Long and Tall… Stockpile on Bermuda cuts. The lean shape exaggerates leggy girls’ statuesque proportions. A gold sticker if you wear them with heels—strangers will spend all day asking if you’re a model.”

I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I had lean legsferdays, I certainly wouldn’t cover them up with shorts the same length as a 75-year-old’s. Continue reading