Better and worse

good kidSo far, there are things I miss about “back home” — not people, I miss everyone — but, things that give me little pangs of homesickness. But, then I find something that’s “better” than back home and I think, OK. We can do this.

People discipline their kids here. And, the kids listen. For example, at our pool, if a child is screaming too loudly, or splashing — their parents go “ssshh” or “OK, I warned you. Timeout time.” And, the kids actually respect that without question. It’s amazing to actually be able to enjoy the pool without earbuds up all the way. I literally almost fell out of my chair the first time I witnessed it. I leaned over to see what the kid’s reaction was going to be and when there was none — I lost my balance a bit. Back in NY, I’ve had many community pools where this simply did not happen. Kids ruled the pool and all adults there had to deal with their bad behavior. So, better.

A really good news site. I love the Chicago Tribune. It’s kind of like the TU. It has a great layout — it’s easy to navigate and all the info you want to know is right up front. But, I don’t live right in Chicago. So, for the suburbs, I have TribLocal or the Daily Herald. I got so excited when I saw the DH had blogs. Then, I clicked on it and found out they’re all about sports. ALL OF THEM. I even tweeted the DH to ask why they don’t have lifestyle blogs. I got crickets back. So, worse. Continue reading


All-American Boy

Did you see this story on Chicago native Steve Grand’s gay-themed country music song, All-American Boy? Here, watch. Then, we’ll talk about it.

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Toss it and hoof it

I saw this editorial in the Chicago Tribune this a.m., and just about threw my arms up and cheered out loud. A Chicago Alderman, Howard Brookins, Jr. — AKA my hero — is proposing to increase the max littering fine to $1,500 and if the litterer is 16 years old or older, the max fine kicks in — and the car gets seized.

litteringAmazing. You want to dirty the streets? Walk them, then!

I also have zero tolerance for littering, and can’t control my reflexes — physically and verbally — when I see it go down. Below is a semi-recycled post, inspired by this zero-tolerance-for-littering idea.

I’m so sick of driving down the road and seeing McDonald’s bags, shoes, napkins, plastic bags and other various items drivers didn’t want in their cars anymore, so they chucked them out of their window for someone else to take care of. Not only is it trashy — in every sense of the word — and devastating for the environment…it’s lazy. And, totally disrespectful to people who share this planet, country, state, county, city, town, neighborhood with you.

Oh — and that’s just the stuff I notice while driving. When I’m walking places, I notice pens, straws, hairties, wrappers, socks, paper…it’s just ridiculous.

And it pisses (can I say that?) me right off, quite frankly. Continue reading

What I cherish (and will miss) about the Capital Region (Part I)

Over the course of my life here in the Capital Region — born and raised — I’ve complained and poked fun at the area, and have been bored to tears by it. I’ve also been excited by it, had my eyes opened to many new things and people, and albanyhave been extremely happy and content with living here. I even subscribed to the idea that I just may live here for the rest of my life.

But (not to get too cliche) life can throw some opportunities and challenges your way. So, things change.

My fiance (!!!!) and I are moving to the Chicago area next month. So, we spent last week there. We found a place to live, I had a job interview, we got engaged (!!!!), and explored the area we will soon be calling ‘home.’

Now, I can’t help but think of things I’ll miss dearly about the Cap Region — things that can’t be found in Chicagoland.

Stewart’s. Man, oh man. You have no idea how much I’ll miss their ice cream and milk. No 7-Eleven can replace Stewart’s. I mean, do they have Caramel Cone Crunch and Birthday Cake ice cream?! No. They don’t. Continue reading