Beyonce demonstrates how I often feel about things

beyonce“There is nowhere near enough sugar in this coffee.”

“Football’s so boring.”

“Taylor Swift ain’t country. And…she’s annoying.”

I said paper in plastic.

“Who waits 45 minutes for a table at the Cheesecake Factory?!!”

Well, I unfollowed you, too.”

“My weekend was FINE.”

“Stop with the littering. Seriously.”

“This aisle is too narrow for your unnecessarily gigantic stroller.”

“Ugh. I have to get gas.”

“Loud gum chewing should be illegal.”


Random time!

I felt like I had some things I wanted to unload from my brain. So, I started letting my mind wander a bit. I wondered:


Exactly, Mel. Exactly.

…what was the big deal about Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech? Sorry if you got it and I didn’t, but what in the world was she talking about? OK, she’s gay. OK, she hasn’t been acting in a while. OK, she doesn’t really want to. OK, she’s single. WHAT AM I MISSING?! And why was everyone crying? Granted, I had to remind myself that the room was filled with a bunch of liquored-up actors. So, crying comes kinda easily to them, but still — it was just odd. Again, sorry if you were completely moved by it and I sound ignorant or something.

…about a girl who was in my 7th grade class. She dressed very…maturely (AKA slutty). And, was known for her mini skirts, knee socks and heels. Everyone always talked about how she looked like a “high schooler” and I also think she was held back a year or two. So, that might explain a little bit, but now that we’re older — I wonder how she dresses today. Does she still dress older for her age…like now it would be pastel nylon pants and floral collared shirts. Or, has she kept up her provocative dress, keeping it young — perusing Forever 21, Delia’s and places of the sort? Continue reading