A simple ‘OK’ would have sufficed

quinnI’m not a fan of long text messages and emails. That might be one reason why I like Twitter. If you can’t express your thought and/or comment in 140 characters or less, you really should think harder before sharing it.

Think of how a long text/email would be in-person…lienhanced-buzz-28459-1380130392-4ke someone just standing in front of you, blathering on about things without pausing for you to respond.

Crazy people do that.

Speaking of crazy…while I’m not a fan of long texts/emails…I am a fan of crazy single-and-dating women, and the insane things they do. It’s better than a Real Housewives marathon.

And, this woman is all sorts of crazy.

Quinn Woodward Pu (pictured above) apparently went on a first date with a guy, then invited him to a birthday party she was hosting. That right there says “I move fast.”

So, the guy sent her an “I’m not feelin’ it” text (also above). But, Crazy Quinn didn’t like that. So, she responded, also via text. Get comfy. Continue reading