suitcaseHere are some thoughts I recently had/have, and want to get rid of. Enjoy.

I found myself looking at a $20 bill in my hand the other day, thinking about how it now gives me anxiety, because back in “the day”, holding $20 felt like freedom. You could spend a whole day with your friends on twenty bucks. But, now…you order a couple of cocktails and boom — you’re reaching back into your wallet to get the bartender’s tip. It just seems like you have to really make money stretch as far as it can go, so that you literally get your money’s worth.

I wish people on Facebook would end their posts on a positive note, so that when people “like” it, it doesn’t look strange. Example: “RIP Uncle Bobbo” LIKE (that he died) would become “RIP Uncle Bobbo, I am blessed to have been able to call such a wonderful man my family.” LIKE (that he was so nice).

Speaking of Facebook and/or social media…

I love that people often use emojis now, instead of words, to describe their thoughts. Example: using a thumbs-up or a peace sign or an emoticon to convey their feelings on whatever they’re posting about. It gets to the point faster, and oddly enough – seems to paint a better picture of their personality than if they babbled on about it.

emptyI love video games. And, I’m a woman. Yep. We do exist.

Macy’s has a one day sale every single day, it seems. Stupid. I mean, how many times can they come up with a different theme song/catch phrase/commercial to promote the sale they have all.the.time? I think they should just be like, “Hey, it’s a one day sale…again. Shocked? Us, either.”

I’m ready for fall. I love summertime, I really do. But, I’m ready for sweaters, crockpots, pumpkin flavored coffee and boots. And new TV shows/episodes. Thankfully, I’m told Illinois has fall foliage, too. Don’t ask me why I thought for a second they wouldn’t.

I will never, EVER love — or even like — Excel. Ever. EVERRRRRRR. When I first found out we were moving here and that I had to look for a new job, I took a Microsoft Office aptitude test. When the Excel portion of the test began, I kept second-guessing myself and even just kind of blew through it with the idea that I wouldn’t do well — and I even made peace with that. But, lo and behold, I did really well with Excel. I can’t figure out how I can be good at something I hate soooo much.

Being awesome truly is a curse, I guess.



One thought on “Unloading

  1. I use Excel for my job all the time. It’s an OK program. It’s not my favorite out of all the Microsoft Office programs, but if it creates simple spreadsheets of important information that my bosses need, then I’ll take it. No, I’m not a “spread sheet maker”. Parts of my internship make me use Excel.

    Now that you mention it, Macy’s has a bunch of one day sales. Back-to-back, it seems. It must be how the holidays fall into place on the calendar. As awesome as it is that there are sales, there doesn’t need to be a sale all the time. Look at JCPenney and how their recent pricing strategy flopped. I hope Macy’s keeps its prices the same and doesn’t change into a low price, every day kind of store. That would irritate me.

    I used to think $20 was worth a lot, and always felt guilty as a young girl about it. I tried never to spend up to $20 on anything! Now some essential items cost more than $20- what I once considered a “fortune”. Things change drastically in seventeen years. 😦

    I’m not ready to start senior year. Please don’t say you are ready for fall. Except for that note, I find that we are very alike on a variety of subjects based on most of your blog posts. It’s scaring me a little, but a good kind of scary.

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