Don’t do that in the shower!

showercapI remember, years and years ago, a roommate asking me if I could save us money on our water bill — as well as leave more hot water to go around — and shave my legs outside of the shower.


That was seriously my response. Hey, I’m an only child. When it came to living with other women, it was my way or get out of the way. Besides, I don’t use shaving cream — just a plain ol’ bar of Dove — so that would have been nearly impossible for me. Not to mention a huge inconvenience and a waste of time.

I was online, checking out the reviews for a skincare brush — you know, one of those battery-powered, spinning Clarisonic things that’s supposed to make your face radiant — and I read this review where this woman was all, “I find this hard to use in the shower because it doesn’t come with anything for me to place or hang it on” and I was like, “ARE YOU 7?!”

My mind was completely blown that this grown woman (she left her age group and it’s 25-34) doesn’t wash her face at a sink. How can you possibly see how well you’re washing on your face if you’re in the shower? Those shower mirrors never stay un-fogged. I mean, even in face wash commercials, the women are at a sink, not in the shower. All of this got me thinking…

What do people do womanin the shower?

I’ll tell you what I don’t do:

  • Brush my teeth.
  • Wash my face.
  • Clip my nails.
  • Urinate. I MEAN COME ON.
  • Stand there and just daydream, wasting water.
  • Have a cocktail.

Although…not a bad idea.

Kidding. I’d probably drown.


7 thoughts on “Don’t do that in the shower!

  1. this cracked me up! I totally wash my face (morning) in the shower, but wash it again at night at the sink. In college I was known to bring a beer into the shower if we were getting ready right before going out (but that passed a long time ago, with 3 night drinking escapades and belly shirts).

  2. Haha! Love the photo. I totally bring a beer in the shower with me if I’m in a hurry or really want to relax. Cold beer and hot water are a great combo! I also brush my teeth while I wait for my hair to condition, wash my face in the morning (or at night if I’m shower before bed), and wait out migraines in the dark.

  3. I do wash my face in the shower….I feel like the steam gets everything cleaner. And I have been known to drink a beer in the shower even post-college….not a cocktail, that’d spill too easily.

  4. I have a small table next to the tub, and I admit I have enjoyed a glass of wine while in the shower on more than one occasion. I have a very set order in which I do things in the shower – shampoo and condition is always first so I have the rest of the shower time for the conditioner to work. Shaving and washing next. I wash my face in the shower and always last after the pores have had a chance to steam open. And this is reallty gross, but I learned I’m not the only one that does this…Any hair in my fingers I put on the wall to prevent it from going down the drain and clogging it. After the shower I remove it with a tissue and throw it away. I can’t believe I’m sharing this info Amanda! Thanks for the diversion from work!

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