Scary movies, cigarettes and sneakers

I love scary movies. Especially scary movies that revolve around paranormal and don’t rely on blood and gore. This one has a lot of hype around it, so I hope it lives up to it. And, I also sort of hope it doesn’t, because I am already dreading the moment I turn off my nightstand lamp.

I don’t love smokers. Sorry, but it’s true. OK, it’s not completely true, because I really just don’t like the fact that people smoke. And, I really, really don’t like litterers. You knew that already, though. And, when I see people tossing cigarettes to the ground, I go ballistic. So, when I realized my neighbors were doing just that…and letting them accumulate to the point of smelling and the butts blowing onto our lawn — I took action. Instead of what I wanted to do (confront them personally and let them know how much I don’t appreciate it, AKA letting my emotions get the best of me), I called the property management and politely and firmly complained. We’ll see.

I love going to the new fitness center we joined. I finally dropped the “I’m not a gym person” attitude and bought a pair of (real) sneakers. And, heeey — little victory alert — they were on sale and I didn’t know it.sneakers

I don’t love that the horses back home, in Saratoga, are going to be running in such awful heat today for opening day. How is that not animal cruelty? Oh, because a crazy amount of money is involved. Priorities. Sickening.

I love fried pickles. That’s all about that topic.

I don’t love the fact that MTV keeps going with these Challenge shows. These people are like, 50 years old now, aren’t they? The real challenge is if they get through “The Gauntlet” without crapping their pants.

I love that I finally got to tell my most favorite teacher ever (5th grade) that I appreciated/appreciate her. And, I love that she messaged me to tell me she’s proud of my accomplishments and that she read my TU blog — and enjoyed it! Teachers are very special people. I highly suggest taking some time to find yours and thank them.

I also love that it’s Friday. Enjoy and stay cool for cryin’ out loud.


2 thoughts on “Scary movies, cigarettes and sneakers

  1. My mom (a smoker) complained to her property manager when a neighbor smoker was making a mess in front of her apartment. It led to getting one of those ‘smokers outposts’ to deposit the butts in. While she was glad to not have the trash around, the thing is an eye sore – they also frequently ‘smoke’ and stink. I hope you will end up with a better result than that. Even as a smoker, I do not appreciate old “butt” smell. And now-a-days, there are plenty of little gadgets (coffee cans are a nice, recyclable one) that you can keep around to keep your litter off the street. I even have a pocket sized ‘butt holder’ to keep them in when out in public – especially parks.

    Until very recently, I would have agreed with you about the “Challenge” but I caught myself completely sucked in the other night and that is a level of drama I didn’t know I’d missed. They are so ridiculous it’s a train wreck – you can’t look away!

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