Quickie: One word

NOTDWith everything goin’ on in the world right now — serious and unserious — people sure are sharing their opinions…their very elongated opinions, on news stories, Facebook posts, etc. Usually, I don’t like to read super long comments, but I know it’s hard to convey all the emotions certain things happening evoke in us. And, it’s really hard to find just one word that sums it all up.

But, let’s try. I’ll start it  off.

The Rolling Stone cover of the Boston bombing suspect? Horrifying.

The George Zimmerman trial outcome? Difficult.

The constant “Nails of the Day” feature on sites like Yahoo! Shine and HelloGiggles.com? Tacky.

Robin Roberts? Inspirationcourageoussmartclassywhataladytolookupto. What? I made it one word.

trashthedressThe heatwave? Suffocating.

MTV going retro and showing The Hills in the early mornings? Loooooove.

What this bride did in this video in order to “trash the dress”? Stupid.

The Queen of England giving her stamp of approval for marriage equality? Nice. (SN: The queen’s approval was a formality, so I imagine it’s sort of like when you’re a teenager and want to do something crazy with the money your grandparents gave you for your birthday last year, and your parents OK it but make you ask your grandparents, too. Just to be nice.)

Nasally-voiced serial model-dater Adam Levine getting engaged (to a Victoria’s Secret model)? Yawn.


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