All-American Boy

Did you see this story on Chicago native Steve Grand’s gay-themed country music song, All-American Boy? Here, watch. Then, we’ll talk about it.

The YouTube video has more than 850,000 views and it’s getting a lot of media attention. I watched the video twice, now, and while I think the song isn’t that great (he oversings and has this weird raspy part), it is STUCK in my head. I also love his performance in the video, and the story (real and depicted) behind the song.

I just have just TWO questions.

1) In the video, the love interest stagrandrts off with one girl, but ends up with a different one by the end of the video. Is that what an ‘All-American Boy’ does?! Psshh. Terrible. I wanted to scream to Steve, “He’s a tramp, move on!” And, then scream to the rebound, “You’re a rebound, move on!”

2) Why is it considered a country song? Because he mentions whiskey three times, and there’s a bonfire, field, denim dress and potential cheating (as mentioned in question 1), in the video? To me, the song doesn’t really sound country, and Grand doesn’t have a country music history (he has no manager/record label and plays piano in a Chicago jazz lounge) So, why does this song need to have a genre/label/association of being a ‘country song’?! Oh, because country music has a conservative reputation and this is going to shock the heck out of them, right?

Well, lately, it seems anyone can be a country music sensation. Just look at Taylor Swift.

Yep. I still despise her.

Overall, though — I applaud Steve Grand and his guts and passion. And absolutely flawless face. It’s grand. Steve Grand.


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