Mayonnaise and Saved by the Bell

Whenever someone asks what my favorite food is, I normally say pizza or Fettuccine Alfredo. But, I always seem to forget how much I love picnic food until summertime rolls around.i_love_mayo_tshirt-r11d051a97c6f460ab2c03233c3bbbc24_8naxt_216

I love a good hot dog. You don’t even want to know how many hot dogs I could eat in one sitting if dared to. (Please dare me, please dare me — all I need is a reason). And cheeseburgers. Yowza. A little ketchup, mustard — and mayo, of course. Burger Heaven.

I always hear a lot of gagging noises when I say how much I love mayonnaise. But, I’m convinced those noises are only because everyone always talks about how fattening and bad for you it is. And, because it wiggles when it’s on a spoon and that’s just weird. However, I think people love mayo more than they ever let on. How could you not love potato or macaroni salad? That’s so un-American, especially around the 4th of July. (SN: You know whose mac salad I always hated? Price Chopper’s. Soup city.)

So, on this 4th of July, I’m preparing a picnic feast for two — the works. Which means I need to allow more time for my shopping trip because I don’t know my way afourth-of-july-saved-by-the-bell-21869311-472-350round Tony’s Finer Food (one of our grocery stores here), since there is no Hannaford or Price Chopper. And I refuse to go to Walmart.

Also — I don’t know if there has been/will be a 4th of July that comes and goes without me at least briefly thinking of the 4th of July episode of Saved by the Bell.

I still maintain that Stacey Carosi (far left) should have won the Miss Liberty Pageant…on outfit alone. I mean, really. Come on, Kapowski, with the Little House on the Prairie meets Minnie Mouse dress? Shame on you, Zack Morris.


3 thoughts on “Mayonnaise and Saved by the Bell

  1. I also love mayo but have many friends that gag at the thought of it. Ever try grilled cheese using mayo instead of butter? I’ve heard restaurants do this because it won’t burn as quickly as butter. I thought it was weird but tried it and I’m now a believer.

  2. Grilled cheese with mayo is fantastic and it turns a nice even color 90 percent of the time and just adds a tiny bit of flavor to the sandwich. Unless you tell someone that you used mayo instead of butter they would not know

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