Drunk moms, bridal mags and annoying twins

It’s Friday! But, you probably already knew that if you signed on to Facebook this morning. Everyone gebridalts “TGIF!” post-happy when Friday rolls around.

I have a bunch of things I’d like to throw at you today, because none of these topics are things I can think about in-depth enough to devote a whole post to them. So, grab your coffee and let’s chat.

Last night, I opened my first bridal magazine. And, it’s pretty (very) exciting for me. I swear I heard angels singing when I turned the cover. Gowns, rings, honeymoons, invitations, flowers, oh my! And, it’s heavy. I may take it to the pool today. It probably will need its own pool pass, though. And flotation device.

I love to people watch. LOVE it. While out to dinner Wednesday night, at a winery/restaurant, a group of young 20-somethings and one 50-something woman were enjoying the wine tasting while my fiance and I waited for our table. drunk-momLater, we finished our dinner and waited for dessert, when the same group was seated near us. Mind you, that means they had been drinking for more than an hour and a half before eating. Yikes. And, the 50-something woman (who I learned was the mother of one of the boys), was clearly very intoxicated. Every.single.time she laughed, she’d clap her hands together in applause. Every.single.time. And, she found everything funny. Spooning banana bread and ice cream into my mouth, I couldn’t decide if I found walking-wallet-drunk-mom pathetic or if I felt bad for her. I mean, get some age-appropriate friends, mom!

Being in a new area makes me want to reinvent myself. Fashion-wise. You know how you get into a “mode” — like maybe you wear a lot of pants, and never wear a dress/skirt — and you want to, but you might feel weird about it because everyone who sees you on a daily basis will be like,  “Ohh, a skirt today?! Wow!” as they look you up and down like a museum exhibit? Well, being in a new place is like wiping a fashion slate clean. I just can’t do wedge sneakers. Or mom shorts. And, I’m soooo sick of peplum.

Thunderstorms are prettytia tamera creepy, here. Because everything is so flat, all you can see is fast-moving storm clouds. The ratio of sky to ground is pretty crazy. I admit, I got a little scared when I first saw a stormy sky. I dramatically thought, “Oh, great. We moved here to get tossed in the air by a twister or something.”

Tia and Tamera Mowry have always annoyed me. I hated that Sister Sister show, and now they have a reality show on the Style Network. They always seemed like they were trying too hard. And, they still do. I can’t even get through this preview without gagging. Maybe you can. Make sure you get to the very end. I mean, “‘Heeeeyyy’, Tia and Tamera — 1994 called and they want their catchphrase back.”

Comcast is better than Time Warner Cable. That’s all.

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Drunk moms, bridal mags and annoying twins

  1. The picture of the Mom from Arrested made my day. If you feel rough winds moving in, grab that bridal magazine to help keep you planted on the ground 😉

    Happy planning, settling in and whatever amount of re-inventing you feel is appropriate =)

  2. Just wait until you go to Theknot.com and set up your own wedding website ! Talk about fun ! It is wonderful UNTIL the wedding date gets closer and closer, and you wake up one morning and open your inbox and every e-mail says “ONLY FOUR MONTHS TO GO” and you look at your fiancee who happens to be checking his own e-mail in a very relaxed manner and you say “Honey, did you get any e-mail about the wedding, only to met with a blank stare.” Yes it is really all good fun indeed !

    Oh and BTW, I got an e-mail that my dress is ready yesterday ! Now THAT is fun !

    Blessing to the both of you !

  3. Comcast may disappoint you. Just give it a little while….

    And better late than never..congratulations on your engagement and relocation!

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