Who run the world?

wendy davis

This ain’t Spanx, sweetheart.

Again, I can’t help but think Beyonce and I are connected somehow. We really have so much in common.

Kidding. On the serious, though, I seem to come up with a Bey reference for a lot of things in life, using a lyric of hers in conversation. The most recent (and perhaps most predictably corny) one?

“Where should I put this…here?”


Preach, sister.

“Yep. To the left, to the left.”

There’s more, but I have to be, like, in the moment, okay?


When I heard/read about Texas Senator Wendy Davis and her victory  (Gov. Rick Perry has since called a second special session on the bill) — the first thing I said was, “Who run the world? GIRLS.”


And, to me — that perfectly sums up my feelings on this issue.

Thanks, Wendy. Please run for President or maybe even VP — and erase that horrible memory of the last woman who attempted it.

And now, my favorite Beyonce performance, because I also love the heck out of Oprah.


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