Are you a good neighbor?

welcomeSome people are super neighborly — popping in, ringing the doorbell to ask questions and/or deliver goodies. They invite their neighbors over for dinner, offer to watch their house/pets when they’re away on vacation and bring their newspaper over to them personally when it’s accidentally delivered to their house.

Do those things make them a good neighbor?

Some neighbors keep to themselves, only waving and slightly smiling when they see their neighbors outside, placing mistakingly-delivered newspapers on the edge of the correct driveway and no one even notices when they’re away or back from vacation.

Do those things — or lack thereof — make them a good neighbor?

I fall someplace in the middle, I think. Over the years of growing up and moving around, I was all types of a neighbor, on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I was super social (probably borderline annoying), hoping to make friends. I was also the anti-social neighbor, not even introducing myself, and barely waving when I’d see neighbors out and about. But, some of that also depended on their actions and personalities. If I didn’t get a good vibe, I didn’t go out of my way to put myself out there, risk awkwardness and see what’s what. And, I’m sure I’m not alone.

mr rogersAt least I hope not. That would mean I have no neighbors.


Seriously, though — I think the anti-social neighbor is probably just part of the whole “I don’t want to get involved” societal stigma. Or they’re a criminal. But, I think people should get involved. I know that moving to a new area, I want to know my neighbors. I want to know who is around me when I’m home — and not home.

I won’t get into details (I know, I know. If I were you, I’d be like “What?! Don’t give me cake and say ‘no frosting!'”) — but, something like 16 years ago, I was in high school and we had our house broken into. And, I remember sitting at my neighbor’s dining room table with my mom and hearing my neighbor — a single mom of two — say that even though she heard noises (banging, yelling) next door, she didn’t call the police because she “didn’t want to get involved.”

I will never forget that.

peeking_over_cubicle_wall-e1333994840245So, even though you might be someone who prefers to keep to themselves and says “Hey, live and let live” — I say great. I hear ya. People can be annoying, meddling, overbearing and major gossipers. But, I like to think that most people aren’t like my old neighbor. I like to think that most people would do/say something when needed. Let’s all look out for each other, and Neighborhood Watch it up.

Now go see what your cubicle neighbor is up to and report back.


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