Indoor camping

new houseWhen we pulled into our new home this past Friday, we both knew our furniture and other belongings wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday (today). But, we had an air mattress, clothes and Moxie. So, we thought, hey — we can do this…right?!

I imagined it would be similar to camping. Now, I’ve never hated camping. Except if it was raining. Ugh. But, I did go through a period of “I loooove camping!”–  in high school, though. And, even then — being ‘trapped’ with the same people, with limited resources, for more than 24 hours, drove me c-r-a-z-y.

So, while I obviously can handle being with my fiancé for more than 24 hours, I did wonder how we’d handle us hangin’ out like two nomads in an empty house for a few days — and if we’d annoy each other at all. Because, there’s also the whole stress of moving and being in a new state, area, town, etc. being factored in.

No worries.


campingSeriously. We got some groceries, some drinks and takeout (using two lawn chairs and the air mattress box for a dinner table) and more than a few Redbox movies (SN: I thought Silver Linings Playbook had a disappointing and predictable ending), and hunkered down, laughing hysterically like two teenagers.

There were more than a few moments when I really soaked it in — us on our bellies, watching a movie on a laptop, him playing guitar, balancing deep dish pizza on our knees and singing at the top of our lungs because hey — the acoustics of an empty place are pretty sweet. And, not once did we get annoyed with each other. We’re a team. One time, out of boredom, I actually tried to annoy him. I think he knew it, though.

So, as we watched the high winds and torrential downpour outside, we were saturated inside with memories we’ll carry with us wherever we go.

Except actually camping.


3 thoughts on “Indoor camping

  1. I really loved this post! It made me smile 🙂 Huge props to you for moving to a completely new city – it’s something I’ve always thought about, but never had the guts to do. Good luck in your new home! Can’t wait to read more about it 🙂

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