(Un)comfort eating

I would always laugh at the term “fat and happy” and scoff at “well, when people are content and settled, they gain weight…” – usually because it was always delivered with a smirk and “you’ll seeeeee” type attidessertstude.

No. I do not see. Ignorance is bliss, I’d think. And, I also like staying in the type of ‘in shape’ I’m comfortable with.

While I have zero desire to ever be a ‘gym person’, I find other ways to exercise. Daily walks with the pup, and Pilates is – or I should now say was – a big source of exercise for me. At one point, I would have considered myself to be a Pilataholic. And, when it came to eating – I was never a stress eater. In fact, I was always just the opposite. Nervous, upset, disappointed, angry or stressed? I could not eat. I literally was not hungry — and eating was the most undesirable activity my body could partake in.


Point is, with the huge stress of leaving a job and people I love to move from NY to IL, I lost the desire — and time — to exercise. And, gained the desire to eat comfort food over anything else. This is especially aided by being on the road and/or without pots and pans to cook with. Restaurants and takeout is just easier. I’d try to make healthy choices. Oh, a salad for dinner? Sounds awesome and healthy, sure. Let’s add fried chicken, guacamole, cheese, ranch dressing and a side of onion rings, though. Because I’m stressed.

Fast-forward to my usual Pilates time of day, and I’d either be too tired to do it, or too busy packing/running errands, etc.

*Shrug* Oops.


Biggest weakness ever.

(SN: If you’re a fitness God/Goddess, please don’t even try your “there is always time to exercise!” speech on me. Especially – especially – if you post things like a picture of shredded wheat and berries on Instagram, with a caption that reads: “Was craving some shredded wheat and berries this morning #cravingsatisfied #nomnom” – because no one craves that stuff. Watch your language. I mean, people crave pizza, Mexican food and ice cream. Period.)

I know this lull in an exercise routine and increase in comfort eating will pass, and life will settle down a bit soon, and I’ll get back on track to feeling great. But, I do have to say…even though I physically feel “Blaaaahhhh, ugh. UGH. These…shorts…are…tight” now, I also feel pretty darned loved — and happy.

Darn it. I guess I do see.


8 thoughts on “(Un)comfort eating

  1. You’re such an engaging writer and I love what you have to say! Absolutely hilarious blog post. I find it strange but I might be that guy on Instagram you’re talking about… I never do eat “comfort” foods, but rather stuff my face with healthy foods instead. I just find eating unhealthy foods to be the opposite of comforting. Maybe I’m weird who knows. Anyways, I enjoyed the post 🙂


  2. I call myself a stress dieter, because I also lose my appetite when I’m stressed or depressed. It’s easy to get into a workout/eating healthy slump even when you don’t have a lot going on. I do it all the time. I’ll go weeks sometimes without working out and eating whatever I want, but I always snap out of it. I’m a personal trainer and one of those fitness freaks, but I refuse to be that preachy person. I like to think I lead by example. Once you’re settled you’ll back into it. In the meantime, if you could have a plate of loaded nachos for me, that would be fantastic 🙂

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