Maybe YOUR baby’s name is terrible, too


Kim and Kanye shock everyone, everywhere by naming their baby North West.


In other news, the sun rises in the east. Pun intended.

I mean, come on. Why are we always so shocked when celebrities name their babies less-than-“normal” names? It’s not a new thing. Facebook and Twitter were crazy this a.m. with everything from jokes about the baby’s name to downright expressions of hatred for the baby’s parents because “how could they name a precious baby girl North West?!”

NEWSFLASH. “Real people” name their kids terrible names, too. Look around your own Facebook and I bet you’ll find many.

Because names are subjective to people’s tastes – just like art, food and fashion.

It’s just that no one makes fun of “real people parents” and/or tells them they think their kid’s name is stupid. At least not on social media/to their face.

There have been many times I wish it were acceptable to do just that. Especially when the baby’s name is something like Lauren, but the parents have chosen to spell it something like, “Larryne.”

And, yeah yeah – I know trash-talking celebrities is more acceptable for more than a few reasons, but maybe lighten it up a bit when it comes to their innocent kids.

Besides, we all know North West is gonna have enough to deal with, with those two (parents, not names).


4 thoughts on “Maybe YOUR baby’s name is terrible, too

  1. They wouldn’t have named their kid that if they didnt want people talking about it. Celebs benefit from people talking about them, whether it’s positive or negative.

    • Sure – talking about it is normal and one thing. I’ve seen posts/tweets/comments completely ripping the parents apart and making fun. It’s extreme, IMO. Mostly because it shouldn’t be shocking they went with a name like this.

  2. I love Kim and I like Kanye and I adore them as a couple….but I agree, they ‘asked for’ this backlash by naming their daughter North West (if it’s really true). I’m praying that they’ll come out and say the name is really Kaidence (as was previously reported) or something else totally different (and less outrageous than frickin North). If not, I pray they come up with a nickname so cute that it will make us forget what her real name is.

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