Learning about IL and a fun pop quiz!


I figured since I’m currently in the car, moving to a new state, I should know some things about it. And, I like to share with you – so now you have to learn about Illinois, too. I promise to make learning fun. I should have been a teacher, anyway.

Illinois is the 5th most populous US state.

Can you guess what the #1 most populous state is?

The Illinois state bird is the Northern Cardinal. I love Cardinals, so this made me happy to learn. Did you know that Cardinals only take one mate in their life, and will not take another if their mate dies? Talk about lovebirds.

Do you know what New York’s state bird is?

Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel can only flip you off with one hand. Per Wikipedia: While a high school student working part-time at an Arby’s restaurant, Emanuel severely cut his right middle finger on a meat slicer, which was later infected from swimming in Lake Michigan. His finger was partially amputated due to the severity of the infection. Ow.

Ever wonder where the gesture of giving someone “the finger” came from? Do you know? I do, now. (SN: I’ve been in the car since 8 a.m.)

The IL state flower is the violet. Pretty!

What Hollywood actress named her daughter Violet? Hint: She’s married to an actor who shares the first name of London’s “timely” landmark.

Okay, that’s good for now. We are driving in Ohio now, where we’re staying the night, and so far this state is pretty much a snoozefest. The only thing I know about Ohio is that Nick Lachey is from here.

Again, zzzzz.


5 thoughts on “Learning about IL and a fun pop quiz!

  1. 1. California is the most populous state (I’m guessing).
    2. The Blue Jay is New York State’s bird.
    3. Jennifer Garner named her daughter Violet.

  2. The cardinal is actually the most popular state bird. 7 states have the cardinal as their state bird – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, & West Virginia (basically the whole middle swath of the country from VA to IL…)

    And the state bird of NY is the eastern bluebird.

  3. You did the opposite of me – I used to live in Illinois and then moved to Albany two years ago. Enjoy the Prairie State. I do miss it sometimes.

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