The creepy eHarmony guy

After working with for more than a year, I may be biased in thinking they’re the best online dating site. But, since eHarmony didn’t allow same-sex matches for the longest time — that’s just not reality to me. And, who would trust a dating site that doesn’t have a grip on reality? Furthermore, who would trust a dating site that has the creepiest.commercials.ever?

Have you seen these shudder-inducing eHarmony commercials, where 79-year-old Founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren, drops in on the daters, to give them advice on using eHarmony?

That voice. I can’t imagine anyone seeing that commercial and being like, “Yes, Gramps is so right. I’m going to sign up right now!” — because, really — isn’t the #1 complaint of women on dating sites that the men are super creepy? This commercial is like a giant arrow pointing to creepy.

And, Dr. Warren’s advice actually should have been, “A close second to having 10 cats is your nutcracker collection. Don’t share that with a guy until after at least 3 months. Unless he’s a complete jerk you want to get rid of, so you follow it up with, ‘want me to show you how one works?'”


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