Why did I grow up?

I went to visit some dear friends of mine last evening. Two of them have the most adorable little boy in the entire world (who, while babysitting, I adorned with a backwards diaper). He is 3 years old. My mom came along, as well — anddirt while we were chatting — about moving, engagement, babies, life — my mom sat on the floor, chatting with him about the baby his mommy is currently carrying.

“So, you’re gonna have a baby soon”, she asked.

“Yeah. Where’s your baby”, he replied.

My mom pointed to me and said, “She’s my baby, did you know that?”

He thought about this.

“Why’d she grow up so big?”


It was a simple question on his part. Why did I get to be so big, physically, if I were a baby? But to adult me, it certainly had a more profound meaning.

Of course, it got me thinking. Why did I — do we — grow up? This Chicago move has undoubtedly stirred up a lot of emotions and thoughts for me. Excitement, of course. Also, a bit of trepidation. So, the past couple weeks, I’ve become even more sentimentgrowal than usual, and have really been paying attention to everything I see while driving around — homes, and places I frequented and got really used to seeing over the years of my life, and won’t see on a regular basis anymore. AKA, I’ve gotten more internally dramatic. But, this one simple question from the mouth of a babe put it all into perspective.

“Why’d she grow up so big?”

To live. To take care of myself, of others. To love, and have successes, failures, adventures, broken hearts and hopefully no broken bones. To raise Hell, raise a family and raise my hand when I see help is needed. I grew up to be able to look back and see how far I’ve already come, and to get a better view of where I’m happily going.


2 thoughts on “Why did I grow up?

  1. Amanda that says it all, however, I would times it by two. You and Louis! Luckily, you are both on the same page and will be writing YOUR story together!! God Bless You Both! Safe travels. Love, Aunt Annie

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