Who needs to eat lunch…really?

manicureLunch isn’t my favorite meal of the day. That would be breakfast. 90% of the time, lunch fills me up too much to really be hungry for dinner. Which, is OK if I don’t have dinner plans. Also, I would rather use a lunch break to run errands or do something not related to food…unless it also involves a sunny patio and cocktails. That’s lunch.

But, if I worked on Cap Hill, I’d be all over the food trucks. I have fond memories of visiting those trucks whenever I’d spend the day at work with my mom. Which, was quite a bit over the summers. And, since today is gorgeous, weather wise, it got me thinking of them.


That got me thinking of what else can be delivered by trucks. We know there’s food trucks and cupcake trucks. But, how about spending your lunch break with a mani-pedi truck, or a coffee truck? Or…both. In one truck.

photoI’m not a huge manicure and pedicure person. I get really ticklish, bored and soooo anxious while waiting for my nails to dry — so when I get out of work, or when the weekend hits, that’s the last place I want to be. But…knocking it out during a work day? And, with an iced coffee being delivered to me? Yes. And for people who actually eat lunch — sure, they’re stocked with sandwiches and salads to-go.


I wish that this next paragraph was telling you where you can find one and how you can tell it to visit your workplace parking lot. But, as far as I know, they don’t exist. But seriously — wouldn’t that be the best lunch break ever?


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