I will NOT miss…

no_thumbs_down_sticker-rd029915fddbd4d6f923e1ba231ff8d14_v9waf_8byvr_512Route 4. AT ALL. I remember when Route 4 was suburban and actually a very nice drive. Not anymore. It’s pure stress and annoyance.

Local radio stations. I’m sorry, but there’s only like, 5 listenable (to me) radio stations in this area and all 5 are almost always playing commercials at the exact same time. And, when they’re not, 3 of them are playing the same song. You would think they could do something to work together and figure that timing thing out. And…why does every radio station have to have a morning show? Sure, there are mornings I don’t feel like listening to music, but can’t we pick one station for a morning show? In other words, does the Elvis Duran show really need to exist? No. And, where I’ll be in IL, they don’t.

Pearl Street. What happened?!



The incredibly overpriced apartment complexes. Maybe this is everywhere, but it seems pretty prevalent here. Besides a place that rhymes with “The Bansions”, a great example of this is the new Stonegate “luxury” apartments in E. Greenbush. Have you ever driven by them? Hilarious. What in the world is so luxurious about paying out of your nose for a beautiful view of a busy road and other townhome developments? Each time I see a resident pulling out of there, we lock eyes and I swear I see regret and pleas for help in theirs.

Only having a Macy’s. I‘ll be able to choose from Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus,  now. Even though I’m a Marshalls/TJ Maxx girl, I like to have bigger retail options other than Macy’s.

Troy. I’m sorry. I know a lot of people are borderline obsessed with Troy — I see “Enjoy Troy” stickers everywhere. Truly, I have tried to like Troy so many times. So, sooo many times. It just simply doesn’t agree with me.

Fuccillo “huuuuuuuge-aahh” commercials. I don’t feel as though I have to explain why.


2 thoughts on “I will NOT miss…

  1. You might not get away without the Elvis Duran show. Being a syndicated morning show, there are probably some stations in Chicago that play it, unfortunately. 😦 There also might be someone just as equally obnoxious as Billy Fuccillo that sells cars in Chicago too.

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