I’m on Kim Kardashian’s side (just this once)

I sat under the dryer, lookin’ all fancy-dancy glamorous in my cape with a plastic hair cover on my head — and in a very Steel Magnolias-esque moment, a woman walked over to the stack of magazines next to me. She pointed her finger down sharply on a cover.

“She looks bad“, she exclaimed with a passion that shocked me a little, even over the loud hum of the dryer.

She walked away as promptly as she came, and I twisted my head to see what/who she was dissing.

I saw a very pregnant and bikini-clad Kim Kardashian on the cover of US Weekly, and thought, in response, Um. No.she.does.not.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of KK — at all — and as you may/may not know, I’m also not really a fUnknownan of bare bumpseven if I thought Jessica Simpson’s was pretty cute. But, I have to say — I think Kim Kardashian looks pretty darned great.

And, I don’t know — the way the woman in the salon expressed her distaste with Kim’s bikini pic made me think of KK as more…human, than usual. Because, hey — she’s carrying her baby around, for crying out loud. I mean, I’ve seen a heck of a lot more offensive bikini bodies that are carrying extra belly weight due to an overabundance of cheeseburgers, chips, pizza, beer and little-to-no-exercise.

It might be cliche to say pregnant women can get away with baring it, but…it’s kinda true.

I also enjoyed US Weekly’s headline, throwing it in our faces, like, “don’t even try it, people.”

(SN: I can also also appreciate KK’s choice of bikini designer — Vix by Paula Hermanny — who is my absolute favorite,  because they’re not only comfortable (AKA non-pinching), they’re cut perfectly to flatter. Worth the $)

Thing is, sure, I find Kim Kardashian offensive on many levels and I really can’t stand that she’s being compared to Kate Middleton, being tagged part of a “royal baby watch”, because…she’s not. But, I don’t think her choosing to show off her curvy, in-shape pregnant body is something to get all crazy out-loud over.

Now, the Redneck Wedding story on the cover to the left. THAT is bad. So bad. Boo Boo bad.


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