Ugly shorts, Starbucks and markers


No. And they’re $188!

Before I get to packing, organizing and errand running today — for our big move to the Chicago area — I’m enjoying an iced coffee and putting this post together. It’s pretty random, just to warn you. But, it’s a good rainy day for random fun.

See this article on MSN about what shorts you should wear for your body type, according to Lucky Magazine? I’m not a huge fan of shorts (or Lucky Magazine), but I’ve seen some super cute shorts…and I have to say 90% of these shorts are absolutely hideous (pleats!) And, really:

“If You Are Long and Tall… Stockpile on Bermuda cuts. The lean shape exaggerates leggy girls’ statuesque proportions. A gold sticker if you wear them with heels—strangers will spend all day asking if you’re a model.”

I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I had lean legsferdays, I certainly wouldn’t cover them up with shorts the same length as a 75-year-old’s.

Yesterday, I called to make a grooming appointment for Moxie — especially since she’ll be sitting on my lap for a good portion of our 15-hour drive — and the first available appointment was in two weeks! Two weeks. I was so shocked. I could get two hair appointments for myself in that time. But, then I had a warm, hopeful feeling that maybe the sudden busy booking was due to many dogs finding forever homes. I’m staying with that thought.

Have you seen that new show on Bravo called Princesses Long Island? It’s basically about a bunch of late 20-something/30-year-old women who act and dress 19. One is still super “ticked awff”  over how another one of the girls (who has a drinking problem) slept with her high school (!!!) boyfriend. The entire show is better (worse) than Jersey Shore…and I cannot look away. Also, thestarbucks-coffee-logore’s this laugh (brace yourself :50 in).

The best part, for me, about packing is labeling boxes. I have always been a bit of an office supply geek, with a special affinity for chalkboards/dry erase boards — so writing on the boxes and bins with a big permanent marker gives me the happy motivation to keep packing. I like the sound of it, the smell (only while writing, I’m not, like, standing there, sniffing) and it just feels like progress. Weird, but true.

Who exactly is the woman on the Starbucks logo, and what does she have to do with coffee? Found it. Still don’t get it.


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