I’m a New York Stater


…notice there’s no “city” here.

I get tired of ‘The Upstate Letdown” — as I like to call it. You know what that is…when you tell someone you’re from New York and their eyes get all wide and full of admiration and then you add, “…Upstate. Albany, 2 hours north of New York City…” and their faces drop faster than the Times Square Ball on New Years Eve.

When telling people “I’m from New York”, I used to think I had to immediately clarify that I didn’t mean New York City. But, I don’t anymore. And, if the person doesn’t ask “where in New York” instead of assuming I meant NYC,  it comes out later in the conversation that I’m from Upstate and not the Big Apple — and when the person stares at me like why didn’t you saaaaay that? — I just stare blankly back like, get a maaaaaaap.

Exhale. ANYWAY.

Despite not growing up or living “downstate” — I’m a New Yorker. I say it matter-of-factly…because it is. I think anyone born and raised anywhere in this state is more of a New Yorker than someone who moNew-York-state-USAved from another state to NYC in search of a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle — living in a teeny-tiny apartment where they pay $1800 a month in rent and eat Thai takeout on nights they’re not “working” from their Mac at Starbucks.

And, look — I think NYC is cool. I mean, I’ve personally never had a desire to live there, but — to me, it’s fun to visit. I just think we Upstaters should take back what’s rightfully ours — our state.

Take that, Carrie Bradshaw.

Now excuse me while I go live amongst Illinoisers. Illinoiseans? Illinois people.


7 thoughts on “I’m a New York Stater

  1. PREACH!

    I’ve got a few friends who just “HAD TO LEAVE” the small town “scene” because the Capital Region just wasn’t “stimulating” enough for them. I just smile and nod and secretly wish they never, ever find their Mr. Big.

    Enjoy Chicago, Amanda! Congratulations on the engagement, too!

  2. Have fun in ChiTown. I\t’s a great city. Nicer than NYC in my opinion. I grew up on Long Island, and whenever we went on family vacations, my sister and I would inevitably meet other kids on family vacations. When asked where we were from, and we replied with NY, everyone assumed NYC as well. Long Island is much closer to NYC than Upstate…But I get your point. My most favorite response to being from NY: “Do you carry a knife? Have you ever mugged someone? Have you ever seen anyone shoot another person?” Seriously? People are weird.

  3. I’m a foodie, so let’s get the important business done first. Three things you’ll have if you haven’t already… A Chicago Dog; don’t even think of putting ketchup on it, they’ll kick you out of the place, a deep dish pizza, and a beef sandwich. Words of advice I was given my first time there. I wasn’t disappointed with any of them. Lastly, you’re a New Yorker through and through. That will never change. How odd that people NOT from New York try to make a judgment of what a true New Yorker is, ehh?

  4. Agreed! Worse yet, we moved to Long Island after being in Troy my entire life (for my husbands job) and soooo many people here dont seem to realize there is land north of the Tappan Zee, let alone people in civilization!

  5. I’m 5 years into to my Arizona residency, and I am now a New York Phoenician. I hold tight to my NY pride. I did move here directly from Manhattan, y way of 26 years as an Loudonvillite. Living in a transplant city, it’s a given that when you tell folks your from NY, they automatically assume NYC. But there are plenty of New Yorkers that think NYC is Times Square! So even our fellow statesmen are ignorant. I just chuckle because I feel bad that our fellow americans are so narrow minded. They are the same people that can’t explain what The Bill of Rights significance is on Jay Leno’s segment “Jaywalking!”

  6. On 9/11/11, my “little sister” down in GA messaged me to ask if I was ok. She was freaking out because, to her, the entire state was NYC and she thought I was in danger when the towers fell. Nice sentiment, but that’s happened a few times since with other people and it still boggles my mind.

    I also now live in MA, but I still keep up on NY politics and events and say “we” instead of “they” when referring to NYers.

  7. I just got back from my first year in Seminary in Madison, NJ. Which is SOOOO much closer to NYC than anyone thinks it is and I have only just adjusted to the idea that one of my favorite Times Union Blogger is no longer a TU Blogger, now I realize she is no longer a NY’er, now I am realizing the single girl is no longer going to be single, the Fashionista is going to be a MOMinista, my favorite Colonie blogger no longer lives in Colonie and is considering a move to the Lone Star State ! I am sending out Wedding Invitations ! The next thing I know someone is going to tell me that Lee got married to Big Red ! Oh Smallbany how I have missed you ! Amanda ! Congratulations ! I could not be happier for you, and your fiancee is the luckiest guy in the world ! I am so glad I have found your blog again, clearly I have been living in a vacuum of Old Theologians and Philosophers and I need to get out more ! Enjoy the planning and don’t stress ! Make it YOUR day !

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