Define: Home

I didn’t feel like doing anything that day. I even took Moxie for quick, business-only walks. I sat in my oversize sweatshirt and leggings and mindlessly watched reruns of Chopped. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I told myself it was a “good day to be lazy.”homesick

But, in reality — I knew I was lying to myself. I was close to looking like a Cymbalta commercial, because I was very homesick. And, we had only been in Chicagoland for a couple of weeks.

I forcibly freshened myself up, shook it off and ran errands/did laundry/made dinner and felt better. But, not after a good, minute-long cry in the arms of my supportive and loving fiance. I cried for “just a minute”, like my mom always reminded me, for anything beyond that is excessive and winds up throwing you right back to where you started.

While I was snapping myself back into shape, I thought about the word “homesick” — and the word “home” even more.

Where is my home? I mean, I live here. But, my family is in NY. So, do I have two homes, I asked myself.

When you’re growing up, you go on vacation, away to school, move out on your own for the first time…but you know you can always go home (to your old room and the comfort of your parents). But, by the time you are engaged to be married and maybe even just so happen to move to another state, you’re building a life, a familya home, together. Continue reading


A simple ‘OK’ would have sufficed

quinnI’m not a fan of long text messages and emails. That might be one reason why I like Twitter. If you can’t express your thought and/or comment in 140 characters or less, you really should think harder before sharing it.

Think of how a long text/email would be in-person…lienhanced-buzz-28459-1380130392-4ke someone just standing in front of you, blathering on about things without pausing for you to respond.

Crazy people do that.

Speaking of crazy…while I’m not a fan of long texts/emails…I am a fan of crazy single-and-dating women, and the insane things they do. It’s better than a Real Housewives marathon.

And, this woman is all sorts of crazy.

Quinn Woodward Pu (pictured above) apparently went on a first date with a guy, then invited him to a birthday party she was hosting. That right there says “I move fast.”

So, the guy sent her an “I’m not feelin’ it” text (also above). But, Crazy Quinn didn’t like that. So, she responded, also via text. Get comfy. Continue reading

Can Brian Holloway save *these* 300?

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches andThe blog title? Come on, I had to. Too easy.


I’m sure you’ve heard about the woman who, after being told by her boyfriend that she was “300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”, is in fact making 300 sandwiches in order to get an engagement ring.

If you haven’t heard about it, I’ll wait until you’re done making barf noises before continuing.

Now, I’m not going to jump on the typical feminist bandwagon of trashing the girl and her relationship/marriage goals, and how ill-prepared she and he obviously are for marriage, yadda yadda — as easy as that may be. Because, I sort of see a different side of it.

It’s freakin’ brilliant. Pathetic, but brilliant and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, the woman is NY Post writer Stephanie Smith. So, awesome publicity for her. Secondly, she basically combined the bazillion blogs about relationships/engagement/love and the bazillion blogs about food/cooking/sharing pictures of yogurt cups, in order to make the biggest, fattest blog baby that picks on all the other blog babies on the playground. Continue reading

Whiny, little (adult) why’s

I think the title of this post says it all, really. But, I’ll tell you what it’s about, just in case.

“Ugh. Whyyyyy” is something I hear and say on a somewhat regular basis. Sometimes, when I say it, I’m looking for an actual answer, and other times I’m just complaining. Other times = most of the time.

dateFor instance…

Whyyyy are a lot of male-sung country songs go something like, “Hey baby, let’s go watch the trains go by” and/or “wanna take you off-roading and stare at the stars” ?? Ummm. Take a girl out to dinner! Or, is that type of wooing strictly reserved for the woman who is later the focus of the cheating-on-your-wife songs? I got y’all figured out, now.

Whyyyy aren’t all store-bought cookies bite-sized? Think about it. There’s really no good reason, right?!

Whyyy do some people use their GPS to get them everywhere…even if they’ve been to that place before? It’s like they obviously didn’t pay attention on how to actually get there, minus the GPS. I mean, once you tell your GPS where you want to go, it’s not like it puts you in auto-pilot and you just sit back and enjoy the ride! I actually know someone who blamed her GPS for getting her lost…while on the way to a place she’d been to just a few days prior.

Continue reading

No thanks, I eat

gift bagMy mom and I went to a couple bridal shops, to peruse wedding gown styles. In one particular shop, I was handed a gift bag with a pretty bow and “Congratulations!” tag. I said my thanks and we went about our business…which I’ll fill you in on later.


When I got home, I opened the gift bag and saw coupons for a bunch of places, a travel sized deodorant, a package of tissues, and two Slimful bars that promise to “satisfy hunger for hours”…so you don’t eat anything else. Like, you know. REAL FOOD.

So, are they saying I’m not supposed to eat real food on the day of my wedding?

I would die. Or,  more realistically…faint. Continue reading


suitcaseHere are some thoughts I recently had/have, and want to get rid of. Enjoy.

I found myself looking at a $20 bill in my hand the other day, thinking about how it now gives me anxiety, because back in “the day”, holding $20 felt like freedom. You could spend a whole day with your friends on twenty bucks. But, now…you order a couple of cocktails and boom — you’re reaching back into your wallet to get the bartender’s tip. It just seems like you have to really make money stretch as far as it can go, so that you literally get your money’s worth.

I wish people on Facebook would end their posts on a positive note, so that when people “like” it, it doesn’t look strange. Example: “RIP Uncle Bobbo” LIKE (that he died) would become “RIP Uncle Bobbo, I am blessed to have been able to call such a wonderful man my family.” LIKE (that he was so nice).

Speaking of Facebook and/or social media…

I love that people often use emojis now, instead of words, to describe their thoughts. Example: using a thumbs-up or a peace sign or an emoticon to convey their feelings on whatever they’re posting about. It gets to the point faster, and oddly enough – seems to paint a better picture of their personality than if they babbled on about it. Continue reading

Guess who?

I would say…at least once every other month, I think/say someone I come in contact with reminds me of a Guess Who? character.

Today, it was Peter.guess who

I think this happens because I played Guess Who? a million times throughout the span of probably 5 years, thanks to having a younger cousin-who-was-more-like-a-brother. It was in heavy rotation with Clue and checkers. And Barbie. Sorry, Christopher.

I’ve seen Maria in the grocery store (she also looks a LOT like ‘old school’ Chris Kapostasy/Jansing, right?!), Paul at the doctor’s office, David at a baseball game, Bill changed my oil a few times, I used to work with Anita and Joe, Alex served me a dirty martini and mussels once, Bernard held the door for me at a Montreal hotel, and Alfred’s mug shot flashed across my TV screen at least six different times.

I’m still hoping to spot a Sam somewhere. That perfectly round head and matching glasses isn’t easy to come by, I guess.

But, the world is filled with Guess Who? characters.

And, I bet you’ll start to notice it now, too.

You’re welcome.